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City Multi

City Multi Range

The City Multi range is Mitsubishi Electric’s answer to large scale VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) applications. The technology of City Multi is second to none and offers excellent seasonal energy efficiency, low running costs and reduced CO2 emissions.

Air CooledUntitled-1

  • Wide range of heat pump options
  • 2 pipe heat recovery through branch controller
  • Available in standard low footprint, or high efficiency variants
  • Specific models designed to replace any R22 VRF systems and utilise existing piping, wiring and power
  • Zubadan systems available for best heating performance at low ambient


Water Cooled

  • Available in heat pump and heat recoveryUntitled-2
  • Applicable to standard water systems or ground source systems
  • Small, quiet condensors situated indoors
  • Offers double heat recovery through refrigerant and water circuit



Close Control

  • Specially designed high sensible cooling solution
  • Inverter driven with high efficiencies
  • Close control of temperature ±1°C
  • Quick recovery after power failure and back up and rotate
  • Connectable to air or water cooled VRF heat pump systems

HVRF Set to rival traditional cooling and heating, the new HVRF system delivers optimum comfort and efficiency, using an innovative combination of unique 2-pipe technology and water to provide simultaneous heating and cooling with heat recovery.