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Cold Rooms


Cold rooms are a very important side of Hoctor refrigeration’s business. We have been involved in a large variety of different applications. We design a tailored solution for every project. We have a vast experience in cold room projects ranging from small chill and freezer rooms to large scale production facilities.

Modular panel room types:

  • Chill or Freezer grade
  • Bespoke rooms of any size or shape available

Floor options:

  • Insulated floor c/w standard panel
  • Insulated floor c/w reinforced panel concrete screed with heater mat
  • Floorless

Door many options:

  • Any size
  • Standard or Reinforced
  • Hinged or Sliding

Panel thickness:

  • Standard thicknesses are 80mm, 100mm & 120mm
  • Other options are available upon request.
  • LED lighting which automatically illuminates when the door opens is fitted as standard.

Other features:

  • External finish – Clad in food safe white PVC coated galvanized steel with a white
  • Corrosion resistant locks and receivers which tie the panels together securely.
  • CFC free, Tonged & Grooved, Corrosion resistant locks & receivers.
  • Optional view Optional food safe PVC shelving is available

Beer rooms and chillers:

  • Keg Rooms bespoke rooms of any size or shape available.
  • Fob boards and bumper rails.
  • Draught Beer Coolers for any number of taps.
  • Beer taps, Chillers and accessories.